The “Return of a Monarch” Bison Tribute rifle is an extremely impressive Limited Edition….the well-executed machine engraving on these rifles is a tribute not only to the American Bison but to Baron Engraving and to High Caliber Gifts LTD as well....S.P. Fjestad - Former Author/Publisher, Blue Book Publications, Inc.

This gun is absolutely beautiful. I love it. The only problem is that it's so nice I don't know if I'll be able to bring myself to shoot it...C.S. Gardendale, AL

Return of a Monarch

Return of a Monarch

American Bison Tribute


We are sorry to announce that we have sold out our Current Inventory of the Henry “ Return of a Bison” Tribute rifle and two free prints. We have ordered another 200 rifles but don’t expect we will have delivery before March. We will be pleased to honor the special price of $1595.00 next year for those who were not able to take advantage of this offer. If you would like to reserve a rifle and set of prints at $1595, please place your order but send no payment.