How To Order

Step One- Click on the "Serial Numbers Available" page to see Serial Numbers currently available. Determine the serial number you would like on your rifle and/or knife and art prints. You may select any available serial number rifle or any available serial number complete set. You may only order a specific serial number for  an individual knife or art print if the rifle with that serial number has already been ordered but the knife or print is still available. We hope you'll understand why rifle buyers are offered first choice of a serial number. Please call 803-641-1030 with any questions.

Step Two-Click on "Shop", then click on the item(s) you wish to order, then select your serial number.

Step Three -Then just follow prompts to provide the balance of your information.

Please Note: While the Hunting Heritage Trust does accept credit card payments and does not add a surcharge  for the use of credit cards, we do respectfully request that our buyers pay with a check (made payable to the Hunting Heritage Trust). This saves the non-profit Hunting Heritage Trust approximately $40.00 per rifle sale. Thanks.