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We are pleased to offer our “Return of a Monarch” Henry .45-70 rifle and two companion art prints—with matching serial numbers—at a $610 discount off the regular price of $2205.00.   Price is $1595.00 for all 3 items. Shipping charge of $40.00 is for all 3 items.  Rifle and free “On the Brink” Charcoal print at $1350.00

PLEASE NOTE: “DUSTY PLAINS BISON” ART PRINT IS BACK-ORDERED.  Our “Return of a Monarch” promotion has been extremely well-received. While we still have about 50 rifles in inventory, our partners at Wild Wings have just informed us that they have exhausted their inventory of the “Dusty Plains Bison” print. They are rushing production and expect to be able to ship prints by late July. If you wish to order the “Return of a Monarch” rifle and two art prints, please enter your order for $1595.00 plus $40.00 for the shipping of all 3 items. We will ship your rifle and “On the Brink” print promptly and Wild Wings will ship your “Dusty Plains Bison” as soon as they can. If you prefer, you can order the rifle only at $1350.00 plus $40.00 shipping and we still send you the “On the Brink” print free of charge.


If you would like to order two or more sets, pls call Kay at 803 641 1030

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As you probably know your rifle will need to be shipped to a Federally Licensed Firearms retailer. After you place your order, you will receive an e-mail from us telling you where the FFL should be sent. Many thanks.

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Rifle and 2 pieces of art, Rifle and charcoal print