Complete Set with Matching Serial Numbers



As you probably know your rifle will need to be shipped to a Federally Licensed Firearms retailer. After you complete your order you will be asked to fax or email a copy of the FFL for the retailer that will receive your rifle for you. If you know the name of the FFL you will use please indicate below and we will watch for it.

Type of Serial Number*

Serial Number*

If you would like to request a specific serial number please first go to the “Available Serial Number” page to view serial numbers currently available. While we make every effort to update the serial number listings several times a day it is possible that a serial number shown as available may have recently sold. In this case we will contact you for an alternate serial number such as lowest serial number available.


Discount List Price for complete Matching Serial Number Set of rifle, “On the Brink” print and  Dusty Plains Bison” Framed: $.1950.00





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